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    Production Company: 25/7 Productions
    Some of the best athletes from around the world attempt to conquer the toughest obstacle course ever conceived. Worked on multiple episodes, in multiple languages (the show is localized for six different international regions, with a different set of hosts and competitors from each). 


    Production Company: Boardwalk Pictures and 25/7 Productions
    The greatest bull-riders in the world compete in the United States. Funny thing is, most of them are Brazilian cowboys. It was a thrill to tell their exhilarating and dangerous story, but also a great challenge as most of the dialogue was in Portuguese (which I don't speak). But after cutting something long enough, you do start to pick up a surprising amount. 


    Production Company: Asylum Entertainment
    Directed by Ron Howard, "The Age of Aging" gives viewers a glimpse at the future of medicine. Far from snake oil, research has shown that aging itself is a modifiable biological process, and that treating it may prevent all the diseases we associate with old age. The next step is convincing the world. 


    Production Company: Done And Dusted
    In addition to editing several segments of the 2015 Victoria's Secret Swim Special on CBS, I cut this trailer and more than 20 other promotional pieces. Check out how we made February 26th the hottest night of the year. 


    Production Company: Latitude Films
    An excerpt from "Morning Drive" host Matt Ginella's weekend in Las Vegas. Here, Matt plays a round at Royal Links, a course that embodies the Vegas style of copying other global destinations. Each hole at Royal Links is modeled after a different famous links hole from around the world. Accompanying Matt are two Parmates (another Las Vegas original), models who are fully trained in the ancient art of caddying. Matt gets off to a great start and the ladies are duly impressed. But can he keep the momentum going? 


    Production Company: Radical Media. Post Production: Outpost Digital
    Can accomplished gamers transition from Virtual to Reality? In its global GT Academy series, Nissan takes the country's best players of the popular Gran Turismo video game and puts them behind the wheel of actual race cars for a real racing contract. In this excerpt from an episode I edited, the hosts chase the contestants around the track in a modified SUV with a remote-controlled paintball gun mounted to the hood. Basically, it's the most fun thing ever created. 


    Production Company: PositiveImage Video
    A short excerpt from FOX's one-hour UFC fight preview show, which gives an in-depth look at the lives of fighters as they prepare for the main event. In this clip, lightweight Josh Thompson goes back to the juvenile detention center he occupied as a teenager to try to motivate the current inmates to make something of their lives. 


    Production Company: Done And Dusted
    2012 Peabody Award winner in the category of Public Service.

    A truly positive and inspiring television event, CNN bills its Heroes program as "an awards show for people who actually deserve it." Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. I was the lead package editor for the show and this is the video I cut for Derrek Kayongo, a Ugandan refugee who recycles soap and provides it to impoverished regions across the world. 


    Production Company: Done And Dusted
    One of the segments I edited from a two-part special which aired on NBC in 2012. "All Around The World" followed one of the world's biggest celebrities as he performed a free tour across Europe and North America to promote his upcoming album "Believe." The show was originally planned as a one-hour special, but at the last minute NBC decided there was enough content to spread out over two nights and added a second hour. They did not, however, push back the air date, which ultimately made this the most challenging job of my career so far. But in the end the show turned out great, and was the #1 trending topic on Twitter when it aired – despite going up against the NBA Finals.  


    Production Company: Done And Dusted
    For the 2010 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show I was tapped to put together 10 behind-the-scenes videos in 15 days for This one here is called "Showtime," a pump-up piece designed to leave you salivating for the main event. Just don't drool on your keyboard... 

    UFC 114

    Production Company: PositiveImage Video
    UFC 114 featured a grudge match between two of the sport's greatest knockout artists: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and "Sugar" Rashad Evans. This feature piece, which normally airs only before a fight, received so much acclaim from within the UFC that premium space was purchased all over the internet in the days leading up to the fight to run the video. This helped the fight get the most pay-per-view orders in UFC history. 

    American Express

    Production Company: HAUS
    For the US Open, American Express wanted to highlight four of the top young contenders in tennis, giving fans a more personal look at these high-profile athletes. This is John Isner, most famous for winning the longest tennis match in the history of time, forever, at the 2010 Wimbledon tournament. In addition to editing these pieces, I also shot a lot of the footage.

    Jesse James Is A Dead Man

    Production Company: BASE Productions
    I was one of the editors for this high-energy, adrenaline-pumping show on Spike TV featuring Jesse James (the guy who builds motorcycles... okay, fine, the guy who used to be married to Sandra Bullock). This is quick montage of some of the episodes I worked on.


    Mini Cooper Clubman

    Production Company:
    I didn't edit this one, but once in a while I do step in front of the camera. I've had the pleasure of reviewing some pretty cool cars for, and for this piece I both hosted and wrote the script. Of course, in my version I was going to set a time in the go-kart separately from the Mini, but the producer decided to spice it up and have us race at the same time. And that, frankly, was a whole lot more fun... particularly since I lived to tell about it. 


     Delta Airlines

    Production Company: Mirror Films, Post House: Wutitis
    Delta's in-flight safety video. If you've flown Delta chances are you've seen this. If not, well who the hell wants to watch a whole safety video anyway? So this is just a short excerpt. You're welcome.